Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Go Grandma!

I hope I'm still enjoying "mild" adventures when I'm 97! What an inspiration!


In response to the question of where they were rafting I found an article about Minam:
Minam is a popular put-in for river raft trips down the Wallowa River. Winding Waters River Expeditions out of Joseph offers a unique vacation experience called the River to Rails Expedition. It includes rafting down the roadless Wallowa River from Minam to the confluence of the Grande Ronde River where the rafters meet up with the excursion train for a scenic ride back up the canyon to Minam. There is the option of a weekend getaway package or a one day expedition.

These trips are offered from May through early August depending on river flows. Rafters can choose from several craft options. Single-person inflatable kayak, multi-person paddle raft or a ride in the guide boat are all available.