Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates and Patriots!

We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean over the long weekend. We all loved it!!! I cannot recommend it for those who can't remember that it's just a movie (you know who you are), but other than covering my eyes a couple times, it was GREAT! Afterwards, I asked everyone what their favorite parts were. Everyone had such great answers, but I won't put them here in case you haven't seen it yet. But my favorite part came right at the beginning! So, since it won't mess the rest of it up, I'll go ahead and share.

It opens just as all the dominoes I mentioned in my Ghost blog (and then some) have been toppled over by a Declaration of Emergency.

Right to habeous corpus - suspended!
Right to a lawyer - suspended!
Right to a jury of your peers - suspended!

And on the list goes. Anyone even suspected of any contact with a terrorist, oops I mean pirate is condemned to hanging. As the line of the doomed moves up, a boy is brought to the gallows. He fingers a coin as the noose is placed around his neck. He begins to sing! The singing spreads to the rest of the condemned, yes, they are condemned, but they still have the power to inspire! Let us all sing together to inspire those around to wake up to the noose closing in around our freedom! We can make a difference!

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