Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Turning Thirteen!

Last Day of Childhood!
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What an amazing boy my oldest is! (Well, they're all amazing!) He has been through so much in his lifetime. One of these days maybe I'll have the courage to chronicle the jouney. It amazes me how children's personalities can be present before birth, and grow and mature, but still stay the same. How will that continue through his teen years? What struggles lie ahead? What triumphs await? A new book is opening: The Teenage Years Chapter One!


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Anonymous said...

hey Heather. enjoyed catching up on your blog, finding some links, etc. also really enjoyed your poem at the bottom...the one referencing how to go on while all the madness of Iraq goes on every day.

keep up the good work heather! good stuff!

ps. been enjoyin' workin' with Sean a bit and seeing him around. you got a good kid brother there!

your cousin scott.