Friday, August 28, 2009

Wise Words, Debate, and Music

I received an email yesterday with some constructive thoughts on the Health Care debate:

"I was fascinated by this analysis of the logic - or illogic* - of the health-care "debate". It reminded me so much of the research that underlies the Marriage Enrichment Weekend put on each year. "12 Hours to a Great Marriage" comes out of the PREP research by the team at the University of Denver.

In essence, what they found was that as long as our marriage arguments remain at the "heat" but no "light" stage, we destroy our oneness, piece by piece. It is only when we stop to hear each other; stop to listen intently; stop to learn the stories and convictions that underlie the intensity that we exhibit - only then - when we truly feel heard and understood do we have the sense of safety to seek a satisfactory solution.

When it comes to the health-care debate, obviously that is not going to happen for everyone, and the openness and honesty needed to make this happen will remain buried under the emotions.

However, the final paragraph in the article is right in line with the PREP research:

"I think strategically it's important that the Obama administration and advocates of a health care plan really pay attention to how people feel and the symbolism they are seeing, and not just the nuts and bolts of the policy," Perrin said. "People don't reason with pure facts and logic alone."

Now if we can just do that on a personal level when people speak about their fears - FEARS - about the OBAMA health-care proposal!"

Then, on my way to drop my boys at school this morning I heard this song, Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath.** It just seemed to fit the topic and mood that were on my mind:

*This article does give an example using a study of Republican's emotional response, but it does say that all of us, including Democrats, do the same thing. So, I hope I don't seem too biased.

**This link is for the official video, but I like the images in the fan made video better!


Dade said...

Important sentiments.

I despair sometimes that rational discussion, mutual exchange of ideas is even possible any more.

Thanks for this.

Heather Ann said...

You're welcome. They brought me some hope as well; just a smidgen. I will try to do better at really listening and hearing other's points of view.