Monday, October 19, 2009

Ode to Diagnosis

An Ode to Diagnosis
In gratitude to those who helped!

The entity snuck through the gray
to steal and hurt and take away
for months or years unknown it crept
attacking just when e'er it would
destroying and misunderstood.

Then MRIs and doctors’ eyes
blew shrouding mist and fog aside
and shock and fear gripped those around
they faltered in their daily stride
and gasped, “An ENEMY abides!”

“Why, yes!” the two of us replied
a new glint hard'ning in our eyes
“We see it there and now we know
just who it is with whom we fight!”

~ Heather Ann


Dade said...


My best wishes for whatever may come, Heather Ann.

Kansas Bob said...

My wife has a neurological illness called Devics Disease.. your poem describes our journey quite well.

Heather Ann said...

Thank you Dade! Bob, I was hoping my poem might resonate with others. I do long for the new heaven and new earth when there will be no more sickness and no more pain. Till then we fight the good fight and take one day at a time!

Dade said...

Hi, Heather Ann.

Just wanted to drop a note to inquire how things are going over in your world...

Hope all is well.


Heather Ann said...

Thanks for checkin' on me... ^_^ life has been a bit insane lately, but I'm sure it will work out. I have not had much computer time though... Hope all is well with you and yours!