Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sun Halos above Walla Walla Valley

From my Dad:
On May 8, 2008, Heather called me around 1:30 pm from the school where she teaches. She wanted me to see, and photograph, some wonderful arcs in the sky. With my little Nikon CoolPix, I shot a number of views, downloaded them, and found that I could arrange them using MS Word and the Draw - Free Rotate feature. I don't have the skills to "stitch" them together, but Heather reminded me I could digitize the grouping using Print Screen feature, and then edit it. So I put MS Word on "Full Screen" view and caught my work that way.
If my research on Atmospheric Optics is accurate, then the ring around the sun is a 22 degree "halo" and the larger ring is a 120 degree "parhelion." (^_^Thanks Dad, and a special thanks to Lindsey for loaning me her phone!)

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