Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Attempt at Gardening

With the price of food these days, I decided this was a good year to find a spot on our acreage of rocks and plant a garden. Now, you have to understand that I have NO green thumb at all! I usually kill anything I try to grow - overwatering, underwatering, forgetting to weed, placing it too far from the sun, or to near. I know I'm really late getting it started, but it was a really cold spring, so maybe I'm not really as far behind as I would have been.

(I can't get the pictures to line up the way I want them to... oh well.)


Ole said...

Hello, dear, this is really Mama even though I signed on as Daddy. Your garden is awesome! It looks more like a plantation. What all did you plant? Here in Jordan, there is such a shortage of water. All the adults tell us that their fathers and grandfathers remember when there was rain and all the land was green and productive. It made me think we need to take advantage of the great opportunities we have to grow things. Hurrah for you!

Heather Ann said...

Hi Mom,

Water is SO important! That is sad to think of a land loosing its green and becoming unproductive. I wish I was making more use of my wonderful space, but I have planted a bit: Radishes (the sprouts in the first pic) beets, watermelon, cantelope, blackberries, cucumber, wintersquash, summer squash, tomatoes, and peppers (both sweet and hot.) Now to see if I can get them to produce anything.