Thursday, October 30, 2008

Overstuffed Ballot Box!

I was home sick with the flu, and thought I was going to cough up a lung, but finally the antibiotics started to kick in and I decided to finish filling out my ballot.

In case you're not familiar with Oregon voting, it is ALL done by mail in ballots. So, after filling it out, I stuffed it in its secrecy envelope, and then into the signature confirmation envelope.

I just had to document it for historic purposes! And then my husband and I drove down to the local police department.

That's where the Official Ballot Deposit Box is located, and usually I go there because I procrastinate till the last day. Tonight, I just wanted to make sure nothing happened to it on the way.

I dropped it in the box, but when I peeked in to make sure it had dropped all the way in - IT WAS JAMMED! I could see at least four other ballots sticking up! I almost stuck my hand in to shove them down, but I could see the officers inside looking my way. All my picture taking must have caught their attention. I walked my wrinkly, sick self down into the station and told them what was going on. They said they would call the County, and send an officer out to push them in. I decided to document the stuffed box, and snapped this before the officer got there.

I thought it was my ballot sitting there, but on closer inspection of the photo at home, I realized it was not. The signature was illegible to me, but just in case others might recognize it, I've pixelized it. It looks like there's GREAT voter turnout this year! Is your vote included?


Dade said...

Excellent photo montage! And nice story!

Fingers crossed, Heather Ann...

Kansas Bob said...

I liked the photos Heather. Did not know all of you folks in Oregon mailed it in.. enlightening.. Ann, my son and I all mailed ours in this year.. kind of simple.

Ridwan said...

Hi there Heather Ann. I like your post and the pics make it so much more real.

I can hardly wait till November 4 and will be looking in here to see what you think.