Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post Partum Depression

I was reminded of this post I made on my MySpace blog a while ago, and had a very hard time locating it due to the categories not working. So, I am re-posting it here for easier access, and to spread the word.


A friend's blog yesterday brought my attention to the Mother's Act I do not have time to write much now, but you can check out the links. I think this sounds like a very a dangerous Act and should be stopped!

Here is the video of the personal story of the mom who started the petition against it:

I posted a bit of my story in the comments. (I do not assume that anti-depressants are wrong for all people, but it does seem that they often do more harm than good.) If you agree please take time to sign the petition here:

Here is video of NBC News coverage of this issue:


Tracy said...

Wow, Heather! I had no idea you were so opposed to this.
I think that both sides of the issue are dangerous. There are people who need medication, and people who don't.
The attempt at litigation is enough to cause a panic attack. Government---back off! You are taking away our right to choose. A person should have the right to choose to take or not to take mental health drugs.
I choose to take them, and am happy with their results. I complain about them because I can. I do remember life before medication, and it was much worse. I am amazed we all made it out alive of those dark times. Medication has helped me. But I have been free to make that choice on my own. I am also free to choose not to take them. My choice, my body, my life. May we continue to enjoy these freedoms in America.

Heather Ann said...

Hi Tracy, I am not really against medication as worried by it. I was worried when I was prescribed Prozac, as a nursing mom, after a five minute conversation with a Doctor I had never seen before. I'm worried when I hear the statistics about it raising the suicide rate in teens. It worries me to think of them giving it to pregnant moms. But, I do think that when it is necessary that it can be life changing in a good way, too.