Saturday, November 1, 2008

Romantic Interlude

I interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you this romantic interlude. Not quite a month after Barack and Michelle tied the knot, my husband and I were married on November 1st, 1992. I cracked up when I heard that Obama had accidentally announced that they were about to celebrate their 15th anniversary, because it has indeed been 16 years!

Since I met the love of my life when I was only 15 (and he was 17), I have now been married to him for longer than I lived without him in my life! It is amazing how quickly time flies! Before we were married, we survived two years of me in California, and him in Argentina! It is always said that long distance relationships do not work, but we have proven to be the exception to the rule! That doesn't mean it was easy. Here is a poem I wrote in a high school History class during that time of separation:


i see your face
frozen in a black and white smile
looking up at me
i was there
the day they took that picture
making you laugh
but i can't remember how you looked
i just see you
and two dimensional

every now and then
something breaks
through the ice of my mind
for a fleeting second
i hear your laugh
see your eyes
and feel loved
and warm
but just as the ice begins to melt
and run into my eyes
i freeze again
and i'm left without even tears
just a stinging in my eyes
and an ache in my heart

if all my dreams should crumble
and blow away in the afternoon breeze
and all my goals
remain forever out of my reach
there's one
that i could never let escape me
never let allow to slip
between my fingers
to the ground

my love
is to once again
see your face
and feel your touch
to share our dreams
and talk
about days gone by
and things to come
to laugh
and have the wind carry our voices
blending as one
and to cry
and see our tears
into one pool of sorrow
to be with you


Kansas Bob said...

Congratulations! Rejoicing with the both of you!

Dade said...

What a dashing couple!

Felicitaciones a ustedes!


Ridwan said...

Congratulations on your anniversary Heather Ann and congratulations on Obama's historic win!!

Best wishes,

christinedrury said...

OMG, Heather. Not all romances that blossom at 15 last to full bloom as yours has because obviously not all 15 year olds are created equal. This is a lovely, thoughtful, touching piece of poetry with a maturity beyond your years. Written in history class, heh? I guess it made its own history.

Heather Ann said...

Thank you Christine! (and Kansas Bob, Dade and Ridwan!)

It has indeed made it's own history now, and since Teo is 15 now we are thinking of sending him down to Study in Argentina! I guess that would mean everything came full circle!