Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Celebrate

Tears of joy
And tears of sorrow
Mingle slipping down my cheeks
We’re one!
The times of hate and fear are dead!

I want to run into the streets
And sing and shout glad tidings out
To look into compatriot’s eyes
And see the spark of hope alive

But in my town
the streets are bare
And though a few my joy do share
More oft’ then not a frown or sigh
Communicates the fear and dread
That lingers, festers, tears and snares

I long to reassure them then
To clasp their hands
And ask them
Where their deepest fear abides
And then to gently with my words
Un-spin the truth from tangled lies

And reassure all hearts and minds
That even though we don’t agree
I champion the man they flee
BECAUSE he sees both sides
And takes the time to listen well
And takes a breath considering
Each point of view and heartfelt plea

Oh Nation, Neighbors, Countrymen!
A jagged fault line slices through
Dividing up our land
And cracking even family ties
A painful, yawning chasm opens wide

Stretch out your arms
And lift your eyes
To those upon the other side
A house divided cannot stand
So please, oh please, just take my hand!

~ Heather Ann


Dade said...

Thanks for this poem. Heartfelt and touching.

christinedrury said...

You are much more gracious than I but I so appreciate the sentiment. I tend more toward anger than sympathy for the fearful because I think it is born of greed and a sense of power and entitlement. I am so grateful for my President with the open heart and mind and your reminder that a house divided cannot stand. If they want to keep a nation divided in order to maintain a working class for their greed, they will have to look elsewhere. We are a nation built on equal opportunity and justice for all. I'm proud of our country for putting Barack Obama in office!