Friday, January 30, 2009

Morning of Interest

Three interesting things this morning:

1st I listened to most of Diane Rehm's News Roundup - Hour 2 while on the school drop-of rounds:

Special Envoy George Mitchell seeks to shore up the fragile cease-fire in Gaza. Iraqis begin voting in provincial elections and the Obama administration says it’s ready for direct engagement with Iran. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


Hisham Melhem, Washington bureau chief for Al-Arabiya TV, and Washington correspondent for "An-Nahar"

Daniel Dombey, U.S. diplomatic correspondent, "Financial Times"

Kevin Whitelaw, deputy assistant managing editor, U.S. News and World Report

It was a wonderful discussion, and every single caller was asking about the situation between Israel and Gaza. I love Diane's style of interviewing. She lets everyone say their piece and hold their different opinions, she doesn't shy from the deep questions and she seems to always know when people are skirting the issue.

2nd My Dad emailed me this:

Elizabeth Cheney, Bush Legal Counsel

What a 1988 college thesis by the former vice president's daughter tells us about the Bush presidency.

I found this paragraph extremely interesting:
For [Elizabeth] Cheney, Thomas Jefferson established the path presidents would and should take when dealing with Congress. In engaging American warships against Barbary pirates, Jefferson "chose to inform Congress of his actions at his own convenience." When he did, he fabricated an attack on an American ship to secure their support.
It sounds so much like the 911 Truther's claim that the 911 attacks were used to secure support for the invasion of Iraq.

3rd I watched the amazingly creative and beautiful music video also emailed to me, perhaps because they know I am trying to fight my urge to sleep in:


Dade said...

Re Point #2: Yeppers. It seems that many (if not most) wars are started with some kind of lie or trumped up exaggeration. The Spanish-American war started when the boiler of the USS Maine blew up in Havannah harbor, and the yellow press blamed it on the Spaniards. And, of course, Vietnam had its "Gulf of Tonkin" incident.

As the French say, plus ca change, plus c'est le meme chose.

Point #3: Cool video!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed how you can read someone's blog and then you start thinking that you actually know that person and then you get this sense of familiarity?

Only, it's NOT REAL, and blogs are just blogs and that doesn't mean you are someone's friend or even acquaintance just because you write a blog and so does the other person.

Don't you think it's presumptuous when people think they know you from reading your blog?

Just food for thought.