Saturday, January 10, 2009

Point of View

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I've been trying to read up on the different points of view on the lethal issues in the Middle East. Not an easy thing to do. Everyone has their own unique point of view. Just as people looking at different sides of a statue will see different things, so each person points to that which seems important in their own eyes. Same statue, it's not changing, but very different perspectives. I am trying to get some focus on my own point of view, like the lady in pink climbing up to get in close. Perhaps I'll be able to write something later. Right now, I have only tears.


Kansas Bob said...

Tears for sure.. hard to see those images of children on TV and not be moved. Look forward to more of your thoughts Heather.

Eugene said...

Hang in there. It is not as tough to think about these things as it is to live them. Breathe, take care of yourself, laugh, celebrate, and don't forget. We have to rejuvenate ourselves to continue the struggle to end such crimes as Israel is doing to Palestine and have happened throughout time. One thing to think about them, another thing to live them. Empathy and compassion are good qualities, and you have them, but don't forget to take care of yourself. Don't forget to take care of those you Love. And don't forget the struggle.

Heather Ann said...

Thanks to you both. Good advice Eugene. I have been trying to read see if my perception is actually based in reality...but the more I read the more horrible the whole tangled mess seems. I have had a busy week as well. I'll try to find some time to rejuvenate.

Eugene said...

It can be tough, so good health and happiness to you and to you Bob!

The first time I read anything horrific was about 10 years ago, a book called "A Little Matter of Genocide" by Ward Churchill. It's not the first time this type of stuff has happened, and I doubt it will be the last.

I try to do my part to end it all by getting folks to think, learn, claim their power (don't give it to presidents, kings, queens, etc.), and do something to help the people and the world with it.

The power of words can change the ideas of humanity and create a world that is good and healthy for all. The power of words can lead folks to do horrific things like Gaza, Iraq, etc. The power of words with thought, compassion, Love for our fellow human beings, etc., can help us to claim our own power and do something to help.

When the USS Liberty was attacked in '67 by Israel, after it was hit by a torpedo, the Israeli torpedo boats would strafe the small ship with 50 cal. machine gun fire, trying to finish off all of the U.S. sailors on board. One said sailor stuck his head out on deck to see what was happening. One of the Israeli's spotted him and turned his machine gun on the fella. The pissed off U.S. sailor raised a single digit salute (I assume the middle finger) to said assailant, who could not bring himself to kill a man of such bravery who, with his middle finger, stood down a .50 caliber machine gun.

No one is pointing a gun at me, and I have plenty of strength to hold up my middle finger.